Pediatric Genetics

Understanding and managing inherited disorders in children

Some children are born with differences in body chemistry or structure, or brain development that can lead to problems with long term health, mental and physical development, school performance, and/or social interactions. Pediatric geneticists identify the causes and natural history of these disorders through tests, assessments, and treatments and can help you manage your child’s condition.

These pediatric genetics specialists also help determine if the condition is hereditary and offer testing to family members who may be at risk for having children with similar problems. Some pediatric genetic disorders include:

  • Birth defects or conditions with more than one birth defect

  • Conditions that can cause disabilities like fetal alcohol syndrome or fragile X syndrome

  • Inborn errors of metabolism

  • Familial or hereditary problems such as congenital heart disease (CHD)

  • Short or tall stature

DMG CRS pediatric geneticists help families and children understand the genetic considerations and treatment options relating to an inherited disorder or condition. In partnership with appropriate pediatric specialists based on your child’s specific condition, our pediatric genetics experts will help you understand:

  • Complex issues involved

  • Risk factors

  • Chances of recurrence

  • How to cope

  • Treatment options and recommendations

DMG CRS genetic specialists provide information in an easy-to-understand manner; are an available resource for you and your family long after any procedures or tests are completed; and offer emotional and psychological support.

Por qué una niña necesitaría ver a una especialista genética

Christine Umandap, MD, genetista pediátrica, habla sobre cómo puede ayudar a los niños en DMG CRS. Descubra por qué puede ser importante consultar a un especialista en genética.

Meet Our Pediatric Geneticists

Philip James, MD, MPH
Philip James, MD, MPH
Pediatric Geneticist
Pediatric Neonatologist
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine, Charleston
Certification: American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics
Christine Umandap, MD
Christine Umandap, MD, FAAP
Pediatric Geneticist
Medical Specialty: Pediatric Genetics
Medical School: University of the Philippines Manila College of Medicine
Certification: American Board of Pediatrics