Pediatric Wheelchair and Equipment Evaluations

Increasing safety, mobility, and independence for your child

At DMG CRS , we’re experts in caring for children with special needs. Our team includes physical and occupational therapists with more than 30 years’ combined experience with pediatric wheelchair and durable medical equipment (DME) evaluations. They will assess the needs of your child and trial a variety of equipment to make the best recommendations to accommodate the needs of your whole family.

  • Activity chairs and feeder seats

  • Car seats

  • Forearm crutches and canes

  • Elbow extension orthosis (no-no’s)

  • G-tube belt protectors

  • Gait trainers

  • Hand splints

  • Hoyer lifts and slings

  • Oval 8-rings

  • Post-op splint fabrication

  • Standers

  • Walkers

  • Wheelchairs (manual and power, all sizes)

What to Expect During a DME Evaluation

During the DME evaluation, DMG CRS experts will assess your child for medically necessary DME and identify gaps in care to assist you in getting your child established with necessary medical specialists and services.

Once the appropriate DME is determined, medical insurance approval is required. Our clinicians are experts in writing letters of medical necessity to obtain insurance approval, and this letter is written during the evaluation appointment to reduce the wait time for your child to get their DME.

Once the DME is approved by your insurance, follow-up appointments are scheduled to fit your child to the pediatric wheelchair and/or equipment and provide your family education on care and use. Ongoing family education and support is available for modifications, adjustments, or questions.

Our clinic is among the fastest ways to obtain a pediatric wheelchair or other mobility device. Evaluation to delivery typically takes 60-90 days which is rarely achieved by other community clinics. For more information, download our Wheelchair and Equipment Evaluation fact sheet.

Pediatric Wheelchair Clinic

DMG CRS offers a pediatric wheelchair clinic in partnership with Numotion during which an experienced DMG CRS physical therapist and a Numotion assistive technology professional will evaluate the needs of the your child and family. You will have the ability to try out multiple wheelchairs onsite, including both power and manual wheelchairs of all sizes.

Custom fittings are done once the wheelchair is ready. Follow-up appointments are available for modifications due to growth, repairs, or changes in medical status requiring new or modified seating.

Car Seat Clinic

DMG CRS occupational therapists are certified as passenger safety technicians with specific training in transportation for occupants with special needs. Our team will assess your current car seat to determine if fit and installation follow manufacturer recommendations.

Education is provided on best practices for transportation based on your child’s medical condition and needs. The team will make recommendations for both commercial and adaptive seats, as appropriate. Floor models of adaptive car seats are available to trial with your child and vehicle.

Our team will assist your family in making decisions based on medical necessity, your vehicle, and family needs. We will also assist with fitting, installation and modifications and will provide education.


Temporary splinting fabrication is done at DMG CRS on the same day of the evaluation. Long term splinting needs are also evaluated, and you will be provided with options depending on the medical need of your child. Measurements are completed during the evaluation, and fabrication takes approximately six weeks.

Our team will follow-up to assist with fitting, modifications, and education. This process is essential to ensure immediate proper fitting as well as future fittings to account for growth, changing needs or additional options. Orthosis options include but are not limited to the following:

  • Benik G-tube protector belts

  • Benik hand splints

  • Benik knee pads

  • Elbow extension orthosis (“no-nos”)

  • McKie thumb abduction orthosis

  • Oval 8 rings

  • Silver rings