Pediatric Orthopedics

Diagnosing and treating muscle, bone, joint, and select nerve conditions in children

Orthopedic issues are among the more common pediatric disorders diagnosed in children. Pediatric orthopedic disorders can be caused by:

  • Abnormal growth of cells or tissues in the body (neoplastic)

  • Congenital issue- the child was born with the disorder

  • Developmental

  • Infection

  • Nutrition deficiencies

  • Psychological (psychogenic)

  • Traumatic injury

DMG Children’s Rehabilitative Services (DMG CRS) includes pediatric orthopedics experts specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle, bone, joint, and some nerve conditions in young children. Our Board Certified pediatric orthopedic physicians and certified advanced practitioners care for children and young adults who are still growing and developing.

DMG CRS pediatric orthopedics specialists treat:

  • Birth deformities or conditions that develop in childhood

  • Bone and/or joint infections

  • Bone tumors

  • Broken bones

  • Conditions of the hands, arms, feet, legs and/or spine

  • Scoliosis

  • Walking abnormalities

Our pediatric orthopedics specialists will review your child’s X-rays and MRIs, explain treatment options to you- surgical and/or non-surgical- and partner with you to determine the right treatment plan for your child and family. Our goal is to help every child achieve independence and optimal mobility for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

For your convenience, DMG CRS also has radiology and casting services on-site.

Meet Our Pediatric Orthopedics Providers