Pediatric Behavioral Health

Supporting the emotional and mental health needs of children, adolescents, and their families

DMG Children’s Rehabilitative Services’ (DMG CRS) pediatric behavioral health team includes Board Certified psychiatristspsychologists, advanced practitioners, and licensed counselors to support children and their families.

Our pediatric behavioral health specialists are expertly trained to support children of all ages providing appropriate counseling and tools for the child’s age, diagnosis and medical treatment plan.

In addition, DMG CRS behavioral health specialists provide guidance on modifying or managing behavior and consult with schools or other community professionals to support your child’s lifestyle needs.

Our pediatric behavioral health specialists will support your child and family with:

  • Anxiety

  • Behavioral problems

  • Coping with pain

  • Depression

  • Feeding problems

  • Parent-child interactions

  • Pre-surgical evaluations

  • Medical adherence

  • Psychiatric medication evaluation

  • Psychological testing (ADHD, learning disabilities, DDD qualification)

  • Toilet training

  • Transitioning to adult care

  • Trauma/posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

We will work closely with you to develop a care plan that supports your goals for your child and the lifestyle of your family.

Our pediatric behavioral health specialists will also provide recommendations and referrals to other medical providers and community organizations, as needed, to ensure you and your child have all the resources available to support your child’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

Meet Our Pediatric Behavioral Health Providers