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Occupational Therapy- Group Dance Services

Using dance to support physical, emotional and cognitive health

For people of all ages, dance is an inspiring and motivating medium. Dance is social and promotes a sense of belonging and teamwork. Dance also encourages participants to explore physical, emotional and cognitive abilities in a creative and exciting way.

To support our young patients in achieving optimal physical, emotional and cognitive health, DMG Children’s Rehabilitative Services occupational therapy programs include group services using dance to make progress toward functional, meaningful goals. The objective is for each participant to move their mindset away from “fixing shortfalls” to “growing creative abilities.”

Who should participate?

Group dance therapy services are appropriate for participants with functional goals in areas such as self-care, chore completion, independence with daily routines or self-advocacy.

Individual goals and benefits may include:

  • Activity tolerance

  • Following directions

  • Functional mobility

  • Self-regulation

  • Sequencing

  • Sitting or standing balance

  • Upper and/or lower body coordination

  • Upper body movement and strength

  • Wheelchair management

Performance opportunities

Participants have two to three opportunities annually to perform in community events and at a theater. Participation in performances is optional but encouraged. Benefits of performance participation for the child include:

  • A sense of mastery over material

  • Building strong bonds with group members

  • Positive memories of success that can help propel them forward

Medical insurance coverage

This group dance service is billable through insurance and requires an occupational therapy (OT) referral and evaluation. Request an OT referral from your medical provider for OT group services. For more information, please contact Katie Kirwan, OTR/L: 602-914-1520 ext. 6484.

Learn more about DMG CRS’ occupational therapy group dance services through this video: