Bella was adopted when she was three months-old and was on a joey pump, and to everyone’s knowledge, that was her only medical challenge.

After visiting DMG CRS geneticist, Dr. Alec, Bella was diagnosed with Jarcho–Levin syndrome, which can be lethal. She started wearing helmets and had three braces for her back.

When Linda Reed, Bella’s adoptive mother, first received her as a foster child, she was told Bella would not live beyond the age of three.

Linda was faced with a difficult decision sharing with us, “Do I protect my heart and hold back a little or do I love her with all my heart?”

Like most mothers, Linda could not hold back and opened her heart and home to Bella, adopting her. Working closely with DMG CRS providers treating Bella, Linda counts every day with her as a gift, as Bella is now six years-old!



Linda also fostered and then adopted a second girl, Emma, who came to Linda at the age of two after being in three previous foster homes. Like Bella, Emma had special medical needs and immediately became a patient at DMG CRS. Emma had a trach, so the ventilation classes offered at DMG CRS enabled Linda to learn how to take care of Emma.

Emma’s medical challenges have been beyond complex. She has had six cranial surgeries, as her head had grown out of her forehead as an infant.

In addition, Emma had never eaten, had a drank, talk or walk nor was she potty-trained when she arrived as a foster child at Linda’s home. She needed feeding therapy in addition to other medical treatments.

Thanks to the multi-specialty care at DMG CRS and a loving, committed adoptive mother, Emma has come further than anyone expected.

“She’s now talking, has an amazing memory and runs rampant through our house,” shared Linda recently.

How DMG CRS Helped Bella and Emma and Their Mom

“We love DMG CRS’ robust network of doctors at the clinic. We’re able to have continuity of care because all the doctors talk to each other. The coordination among the healthcare team is vital so we have confidence that they are all on the same page,” said Linda.

She added, “We have found that everyone who works at DMG CRS is very helpful and informative. If they don’t know the answer to my question, they’ll do the research so I have confidence that they really are working on my child’s behalf.”