Arizona Complete Health Center of ExcellenceJune 13, 2023 Phoenix: DMG Children’s Rehabilitative Services (DMG CRS) has been designated as an Arizona Complete Health-Complete Care Plan Center of Excellence (COE). DMG CRS will serve as a COE for children from birth to age five and for transition age youth.

DMG CRS is the largest multispecialty interdisciplinary clinic (MSIC) in Arizona and the only MSIC in Maricopa County. Uniquely designed to meet the healthcare requirements of special needs children and their families, DMG CRS has pediatric primary care,
pediatric medical specialties, dental care, pediatric therapies including physical, occupational and speech therapy, and on-site labs and x-rays and a pharmacy all in a single-story location in central Phoenix at Park Central Mall.

“DMG CRS was created to provide high quality, coordinated, multispecialty care in a single, easy-to- access location for children and young adult patients and their families,” said Troy Nelson, MD, DMG CRS medical director. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Arizona Complete Health-Complete Care Plan to bring our unique services and support to their members and serve as a health home for children across our community.”

COEs are providers that have shown the ability to deliver exceptional services to Arizona Complete Health-Complete Care Plan members, focusing on the:

  • Quality of care provided
  • Health of their shared members/patients
  • Coordination of the services members receive

“We are pleased to recognize DMG CRS as a Center of Excellence serving children with special healthcare needs,” said James Stover, Medicaid Plan President for Arizona Complete Health-Complete Care Plan. “DMG CRS has designed a model of care that not only achieves the best outcome for the child, but also supports the entire family to be successful.”

If you are an Arizona Complete Health-Complete Care Plan member and would like more information on DMG CRS, visit or call 602-914-1520 to schedule an appointment.

To learn more about the Arizona Complete Health-Complete Care Plan Center of Excellence (COE) program, please visit the Arizona Complete Care website.

About District Medical Group

District Medical Group (DMG) is a nonprofit entity made up of more than 650 providers across all major medical and surgical specialties. The largest independent integrated medical group in the Phoenix metropolitan area, DMG staffs three psychiatric hospitals, a 450-bed acute care hospital, two emergency care centers, 13 community health centers, a nationally-recognized burn center, and the largest Multi- Specialty Interdisciplinary Clinic (MSIC) for children in Arizona. In addition, DMG collaborates with community organizations and schools to provide primary care and other programs. With more than 220 residents in nine programs and 60 in affiliated programs, DMG is the largest teaching faculty in Phoenix. DMG is one of the founding partners of the Creighton University Arizona Health Education Alliance, designed to develop new healthcare programs and increase the number of medical providers across specialties in Arizona. For more information, visit

About DMG Children’s Rehabilitative Services

District Medical Group Children’s Rehabilitative Services (DMG CRS) offers families a state-of-the-art facility with a friendly, professional environment. DMG CRS is the largest Multi-Specialty Interdisciplinary Clinic (MSIC) in Arizona and designed to meet the unique healthcare requirements of special needs children and their families. Centrally located in an easy-to-access, one-story facility, DMG CRS is home to more than 30 medical specialties, including primary care, as well as behavioral health, dental, rehabilitation and education and support services to care for pediatric patients of all ages. For more information, visit

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