DMG CRS provides comprehensive assessments for every new patient

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DMG CRS conducts comprehensive assessments for every new patient

By Nancy Kleinwachter, LPN at DMG CRS Comprehensive Assessment Clinic

DMG CRS is the largest Multi-Specialty Interdisciplinary Clinic (MSIC) in the state of Arizona and designed to meet the unique healthcare requirements of special needs children. Our staff are committed to coordinating multiple appointments for our patients and on the same day when possible. To do this, our team of experts first conducts a comprehensive assessment of each and every child to determine the specialty referrals needed to give them the best quality, complete care.

Comprehensive assessments are such an integral part of the DMG CRS Difference that we have a special clinic, the Comprehensive Assessment Clinic (CAC), with a team of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners highly trained in taking care of special needs children. This first visit is so important for the child, their family and for DMG CRS staff. During this visit the child is examined from head to toe, all medical and historical records are reviewed, and DMG CRS staff have in-depth conversations with the family. This is all done to create a clear understanding of the patient’s needs as well as to address any parental questions or concerns. It is during this assessment when the provider will determine what referrals are needed.

Once the assessment is complete and the referrals have been made, our team of medical professionals will ensure the referral appointments are scheduled. Not only will we ensure the referrals have been made and the appointments have been scheduled, but we also follow up to confirm the appointments have been kept. The CAC staff can even assist with coordinating transportation to appointments, getting in touch with a patient advocate to help with school concerns or connect families with a social worker.

Another great thing about DMG CRS, is that because there are so many specialties under one roof, all medical records are in a single electronic medical record (EMR) and is accessible to all DMG CRS medical providers. And even if referrals are made to a specialty outside of DMG CRS, we will make certain that we have a copy of the visit notes so that we can be aware of what has been done.

At DMG CRS, we pride ourselves on our ability to coordinate care for our patients.
DMG CRS has over 25 pediatric medical specialties onsite.

We also have lab and x-ray in the building in case it is determined that the child needs those services as well. Our Child Life Specialists are great at making those experiences easier on the child. And for those patients where distance is an issue, we offer telemedicine and outreach clinics in San Carlos, Show Low, Globe, Whiteriver and Prescott Valley.

Once the CAC appointment is done, a packet of information is given to take home, which includes the child’s plan of care, a copy of all referrals made, a list of scheduled appointments and direct phone numbers for any follow-up questions or concerns. Our goal is for the family to walk away from the appointment confident in DMG CRS’s ability to provide the best comprehensive healthcare for their child with special needs and that no stone was left unturned.

If you have any questions for the CAC team, please give us a call at 602.914.1520 x6144.